Back in the Spring of 2018 two guys were sitting around the office talking about what was happening in the Cannabis industry and said if they can do why can’t we? This started Don and David on their journey. They did extensive and exhausting research of the Cannabis industry and in late 2018 much to their surprise congress announced the congressional approval of the 2108 Farm Bill. This launched the research and design of the Serenity 100 Premium Hemp Roll and by November of 2019 the company “Serenity420” became “Serenity420, LLC, they were off to the races. Don and David purchased 10,000 Lbs. of Wisconsin-grown Cherry Wine hemp shipping it to Salamanca, NY, to be processed and made into “Premium Rolled Hemp Rolls” by the great Seneca Indian tribe. It was a great experience and Don and David speak with high regard of the Seneca Tribe every chance they get. David did much of the marketing putting in enormous work and today the Serenity 100’s is being enjoyed by Thousands from Coast to Coast. Don and David then decided to expand the inventory, they became very selective and chose only quality products from companies willing to provide from independent testing labs Certificates of Authenticity, better known as COA’S, and only from certified labs. All products are tested before being offered to their wholesale accounts and retail customers. In January of 2022, they opened their first retail store in Waukesha naming it “The Hemp Hut & Dispensary” and soon will be introducing a CBD Vending Machine. We hope you find our website enticing, our products both enjoyable, and perform in the manner you are intending. If not please tell us and if you enjoy them, please tell others. Thank You for Your Support. We work hard “Just to See You Smile.”


Simple: at the Serenity420 companies we work hard to provide the finest products made with the most competitive prices. Shipping as quickly as we can in the most efficient possible ways available. At our stores we strive to provide the most educated, friendly, courteous sales staff we can offer along with the best products available with prices that are competitive and won’t destroy our customer’s budget. This is our pledge to you for without you we cannot survive. Thank you for your Support. We work hard “Just to See You Smile.”
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